A beard is the hair that grows along the cheeks and chin of a man. It is a secondary puberty sign among guys. For some, it may grow immediately after puberty while it may take longer in others. It may be kept short or allowed to grow according to a person’s preference or will.

For those that choose to grow the beard, then the challenge of how to take proper care of it arises. When the beard is neglected, a person is due to experience itchiness, the presence of dandruff and dry skin within the beard. Moreover, it may harbor small parasitic insects which increase the chances of itchiness.

Beard oil

A good beard oil should be able to ensure that the beard area is clean and moisturized, posing the question, what are the ingredients of a good beard oil?

Argan oil

The Argan oil is non-greasy oil which is rich in vitamin E and stimulates hair growth. This leads to an attractive appearance. The Argan tree is mainly found in Morocco. It contains fatty acids that moisturize the beard and hence preventing dandruff and itchiness of the skin underneath the beard.


Pure jojoba oil

This is a plant wax. It coats the growing beard hence preventing breakage and stimulating growth at the same time. The jojoba plant is also used on the hair on the head and is easy on the facial skin too.

The castor oil

Just like the Argan oil, the castor oil is rich in fatty acids hence moisturizes the beard. It also contains vitamin E. It is an anti-bacterial and hence prevents dandruff or beard-druff.

The scent of the beard oil

The beard oil should smell like cologne. As a matter of fact, cologne smells like power hence the scent should be equally sweet and minty. To achieve this, ingredients such as lavender are included. The lavender still helps to prevent dryness of the scalp.

Rosemary may be included too since they increase the circulation of blood within the beard growing area and helps in healing in case of wounds or itchiness. The tobacco smell also creates a good scent for the beard oil. Moreover, lemongrass may be used to prevent hair breakage while cedarwood oil adds to the smell of the beard oil and increases the rate of circulation in the beard area.

The use and application of beard oil

hdhdhd74The best time to apply the beard oil is after washing your face. This is because, at that time, the hair follicles are usually open hence they absorb the oil. The use of a comb to brush the beard is recommended to make sure that the oil coats every hair. Good beard oil hydrates the skin making the beard softer and stylish. Moreover, a neat beard makes a man more attractive and appealing. A well-moisturized beard, which is neither too shiny nor does too dull greatly improve the general outlook of a person.

A person may also buy ready-made beard oil products. These products are mostly pure hence also give the same results as homemade beard oils. The facial hair has been recognized as fashionable even by The New York Times. With the use of the best beard oil, then it should not be a problem to maintain a neat and attractive beard. You can learn more here. You can also click on www.bestbeardoils.net/wisdom-review and check one of the best beard oils.