Is My Vagina Normal?

Some women, at some point in their lives, will wonder if their vagina is normal. What is normal? Genitals might appear different, but it is just normal. Some have bigger external labia or the outer lip in comparison to a lot of others. It may be long, short, big or small, it is still completely normal even for women fighters.

Vaginal Canal

The vagina receives the capacity to raise through penetration in length and breadth and during sexual intercourse and childbirth. Like the genital regions, the vagina can be looser or narrower, and it is still normal.

Scar Tissue

Some women choose to have scar tissue removed if the scarring causes discomfort during intercourse. The vagina may sometimes rupture during childbirth, which causes scarring.

Loose Vagina

Loosening can be caused by after childbirth. This will have a sagging effect on the vagina. An operation called vaginal reconstruction (VR) may be the solution to tighten and repair the vagina.

Sexual Incontinence

If you have sexual incontinence or difficulties because of vaginal problems, try Kegel exercises for muscle contraction. Kegels involve squeezing the muscles around your vagina. You may browse the internet to find out the proper way to do this. If all else fails, consult your doctor.


The vagina has it’s own lubricating glands, which produces moisture and prevents friction, which causes irritation. The secretions are clear or milky and have no smell.

Vaginal Problems: When to Consult a Doctor


If the discharge is smelly or colored, it may be a sign of a bacterial infection, amoebic infection, or even a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Therefore, you should consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

White Curd-Like

This type of disease is caused by the microbe, Candida albicans. Candidiasis is usually treated by various methods, such as an oral pill, pessary, or vaginal lotion/creams readily available in any pharmacy or drugstore.


Dealing with vaginal dryness is uncomfortable during intercourse. You may find lubricants in pharmacies, supermarkets, or even purchase them online.


You may have vaginal or labial irritation if your vagina or labia are red, itchy, or tender. If these signs occur with an irregular vaginal discharge, it may be due to an infection – in which case you should consult your doctor to get treatment.

Signs of Vaginal Looseness

The looseness of a vagina is a common issue that affects many women. The affected ladies find it hard to experience organism. This is an issue that makes them lose confidence. Employing effective vaginal tightening techniques is one of the effective ways of regaining the lost confidence and bringing back one’s vagina to the required tightness.

Many reasons can make a lady have a floppy or loose vagina. It mainly affects ladies who are in the childbearing ages. This post is going to discuss the common signs of vaginal looseness.

Trouble with Orgasm

Difficulties to achieve orgasm are mainly orgasmassociated with loosening of these muscles. An intense sexual stimulation characterizes an orgasm. Women who are affected by this condition require sustained, lengthy stimulation to explore orgasm.

Urinal infections

Women who are affected by this issue are at high risk of experiencing urine leakage. This condition is commonly referred to as stress indulgence. It is one of the embarrassing conditions that occur within muscles. The affected muscles are generally weak as they cannot support the bladder or control/contain the release of urine. It can also lead to the weakening of the pelvic muscles after menopause or as you age. This is attributed to low levels of estrogen. Injury to the urethra, childbirth, and pelvic surgery are the other factors that lead to the weakening of these muscles thereby making one’s vaginal to become loose.

Insensitivity with Small Objects

Ladies who don’t feel anything after sliding small objects in their vaginas are likely to have starchesex toyd muscles. It is very hard to feel stimulated if your muscles are loose. Such people normally insert large objects to feel the stimulation effect and increase sexual pleasure. This should be avoided since it can worsen one’s situation over time. Instead, the affected ladies should employ proven techniques such as Kegels. These methods are helpful in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Difficulties when Gripping the Index Finger

Ladies should slide their forefinger into the vagina and then clasp it to contract its muscles. They should then insert their middle and index fingers to access the tightness of their vagina and then compare it with the tightness felt with a single finger. Finally, try to insert your middle finger, index finger, and ring together. Do you feel anything? If not, then you should know that your muscles are loose.